Name: Sean Cahill

Born: Red Bank, NJ

Education: B.A. Graphic Design, Moravian College, PA

Title: Graphic Design

Q. Who is your favorite comic book villain and why?
A. Venom, because I was a fan of the Spide Man series.

Q. If given a choice would you rather have a temperature of 30 degrees and snowing or 90 degrees and humid?
A. Tough choice, but in the end 90 , for two reasons: Sunny sweather keeps me in good spirits and to be able to enjoy an evening outdoors is priceless.

Q. What would be better: a life underwater or a life in space?

A. Underwater. Space would be a spectacle to behold, but there's no sushi in space.

Favorite quote: "Anything is possible." - Anon.

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Sean Cahill